A Thing I Just Made Up We Should Tell People Is True Cuz I Bet They’d Believe It At Least At First

16 07 2013

“I was reading an article in [New Scientist/Scientific American Mind/SEED if that still exists] about this study by some anthropologists [or evolutionary psychologists] who studied two isolated tribes, one in South America and the other in [Micronesia/Polynesia/Papua New Guinea]. It said that at night, when the families would retire to their thatched hutches, one of the family members was tasked with announcing through hatches in the huts, sometimes in song and sometimes just straightforwardly, what the members of family were doing, to keep everyone in the village up-to-date. The updates were kept within a certain number of syllables as a matter of propriety. So now that’s why we have Twitter because of that.”



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