Major Dad Can Act the Shit Out of Some Acting.

8 04 2011

Original title: "Army Cosby (White)"

Man, I like Deadwood. Probably not my favorite show, but only because of the weird, unsatisfying way it ended, because HBO cancelled it early.

This scene has one line of dialog that is just great. Between the way its written, how it conveys its meaning, and the way Gerald “Major Dad” McRaney line-reads the living shit out of it, I think it’s is the best line of dialog I’ve ever seen on television. Molly Parker is really good, if a little to slight all the time, and plays off his restrained rage perfectly. McRaney meanwhile plays Hearst not historically but as early capitalism embodied, an anti-social personality, insecure and never satisfied. That the scene is so intensely shot helps, of course, just as knowing the backstory intensifies it. But all lines of dialog from tv or film are only really judged by the context they’re in, so that’s a wash.

Anyway, I’m not making a hard-and-fast proclamation, but in fact conducting an experiment. Watch the scene, and tell me which line you think I mean. Or just which one you like best. Or tell me an hilarious joke. Best joke wins!

Oh, and don’t go getting a big head, McRaney.



One response

8 04 2011
Josh Kalven

“The hour makes the thoroughfare uncertain” is pure Deadwood, pure Milch.

Not sure if it’s the line that caught you. But I love it.

I miss the hell out of this series and am jealous of all who are just now discovering it. It’s the best show about politics I’ve ever seen.

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