Some Friday Tagore.

25 03 2011

Lovers Gift 36.

My fetters, you made music in my heart. I played with you all day long and made you my ornament. We were the best of friends, my fetters. There were times when I was afraid of you, but my fear made me love you the more. You were companions of my long dark night, and I make my bow to you, before I bid you good-bye, my fetters.

Stray Birds 213

Night’s darkness is a bag that bursts with the gold of the dawn.

Crossing 49

In the world’s dusty road I lost my heart, but you picked it up in your hand.
I gleaned sorrow while seeking for joy, but the sorrow which you sent to me has turned to joy in my life.
My desires were scattered in pieces, you gathered them and strung them in your love.
And while I wandered from door to door, every step led me to your gate.

If you're first name is Rabindranath, you are very likely not a redneck.



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