Pop Stars, Then and Now

12 03 2011

My mom gave me all her old records, including some that I used to sit in the dining room and listen to on the record player over and over–including rare Fairouz prints, and perhaps my favorite, Enrico Macias.

The thing about Enrico Macias, at least based on this album cover, is that he is so ugly he is a monster. Not he is as ugly as a monster, but he is so ugly he is a monster.


Aaahh!!! Real Monsters!

Could a monster–C.H.U.D., say–who sang as beautifully–and played classical guitar as lyrically–as Macias become a pop star today?



2 responses

12 03 2011

That one makes him look like a shaved Mexican wolf child. You know, like the ones that are always on Maury.

13 05 2011

Brown Jews are monsters.

And the answer is no they couldn’t. Nowadays you don’t have to sing and play. They just take the pretty people and run their voices through a puter, and Bam! Popstar.

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