My Spirit Animals

4 01 2011

I think I have a few different spirit animals (with the caveat that I don’t believe in such thing as spirits):

1. Penguin. The penguin is my spirit animal for these reasons: (1) my being a male and having a love of engulfing babies with snugs; (2) my preference for chilly weather; (3) my fondness for sliding around on my tummy.

My first day of law school.

2. Magnificent Frigate. Here we go: (1) prefers monogamy; (2) inflated sense of self; and (3) goes through periods of loneliness punctuated by intense sociality.

Me and you boo, forever.

3. Fozzie Bear. Fozzie; c’est moi.



One response

5 01 2011

did you get my email with the penguin!?! im right there with ya boo.

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