Prologue: When Someone Scared Was Born

29 12 2010

Based on an idea I had last summer, I’ve been writing a book of children’s bedtime stories, in the styles of the Assyrian bedtime stories my dad would tell me to get to sleep. Below is one of the stories from the collection.


There was, and there wasn’t, but by every star there was,

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The Imperial Plant

17 12 2010

I apologize for my extended absence–my law school finals coincided with needing to close up some writing working and professional contracts, so I’ve been buried beneath various tracks of work.

However, I have not failed in my duty to my beloved plants, which continue to make me proud with their determined growth in a Chicago winter, in an apartment that gets not much sunlight.

Look at how bravely this little guy–who I didn’t even know was in the original pot of plants I got–has thrown out tendrils and colonized this nearby pot of soil. Of course, he claims it’s to bring democracy there, but he’s clearly interested in the valuable resources beneath the surface.

The sun never sets on this plant.


1 12 2010

Sick on my journey,
only my dreams will wander
these desolate moors.