Time for a Puppo

23 08 2010

Well, it’s time for me to adopt a dog. I love them and the excuse that my apartment is too small (it’s really not–it’s actually fairly big as apartments go) doesn’t work anymore. But I need one small and snuggly and that is a little couch potato-ish because I won’t be home too much. Also I’m mildly allergic to fur, so one that is less sheddy would be good, too.




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23 08 2010
Leah Jones

My friend Dave has Italian Greyhounds – small, but not in an annoying, small dog way. Super couch-cuddly and very loving. Probably extra so because they are almost always rescued.

1 09 2010
Amy Guth

Awe. Some. Get a big, crazyass Great Pyranese. Okay, maybe not. They are 175 pounds of sweet, though.

What about a Basenji? Basenjis are central African short haired dogs that look sort of like little foxes, and are super intelligent (so smart in fact, many owners feel outwitted by them and give them up, hence there are Basenji rescue groups all over the place). And, they’re barkless. They sort of make little chirpy and purry noises. Very sweet. My cousin rescued one (“Cairo”) and he’s a great dog.

30 09 2010
Jim Bube

Anti-cruelty society until you can’t leave without one. A little background breed research will help. I grew up with waterheaded Siberian Huskies (faithful, adorable animals), but dumber than hell. Low maintenance. Now the proud owner of a Brussell’s Griffon mix that is much smarter and demands a lot of attention. Important piece of info when you have a monster workload.

30 09 2010

I remember your pups fondly. They were pretty shedd-y though, weren’t they?

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